Life cycle / Cycle of life

Since we last checked in, all 5 of our caterpillars made their transformation to chrysalis! Unfortunately, one of the Georges settled in too close to the side of the container. As he began to pupate, the forming chrysalis touched the plastic side, which must have been enough to cause a small tear in its surface. A few drops of liquid ran down the side, and the little guy stopped pupating. As I have come to find out, the caterpillar actually liquefies as it pupates. From this caterpillar soup, a butterfly will develop over 7 to 10 days. Except in George's case. RIP, George.

Here are a few shots from DAY 11 and DAY 13:

Day 11.jpg Day 13.jpg

If you click on the picture from DAY 11, you may be able to see the white stripe running down the side of the caterpillar. Along this stripe are small holes called spiracles. These are the breathing organs of the caterpillar (and the pupa and butterfly). They open into a series of tubes called tracheae, which exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide on their surface. Though arthropods don't have blood, they do have an analogous substance called hemolymph. When it's oxygenated, it's blue!

These guys are pretty vulnerable when they are in chrysalis. Some insects have chemical defense systems, but painted ladies use a different scare tactic to ward off predators, as I found out when I transferred the pupae to their butterfly habitat...

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The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly or moth is one of the most beguiling in the animal world. Both larva and adult are just stages in the life of a single animal, but are nonetheless completely separated in appearance, habitat and behaviour. The imagery associated with such change is…

I shall catch butterflies with caterpillars into glass bottles, which put some twigs, grass, bottle covered with gauze, fastened. I see worms eating grass hard.
Long, long worms are fat, body surface slowly turn green or brown crust, a chrysalis, the pupa does not eat does not move, but in the shell body is undergoing dramatic changes.
A few days later, pupae become adult butterflies from the crack, came out of the cocoon. Then its wings are folded. You will remove the gauze, the butterfly release from the bottle, be it body will dry fly wings, flowers plexus in the game.
Adults die after the completion of the task spawning, the eggs hatched caterpillars through the development of another.
Do you understand now, butterfly's life, to go through egg. Larvae. Pupa. Adult four stages. Larval stage in which harmful to humans, eat the leaves of crops. However, the majority of the adult butterfly or moth able to help spread the pollen of plants, there are benefits to mankind.
But I like the caterpillars, because their larvae are very beautiful.

Not even remotely close to Hawaii, but Haeckel tattoos deserve some kind of shout-out anyway. Or am I stating the obvious here?

does she have a tramp stamp, or does she dream about getting one - perhaps a discrete tat depicting a suricate? Because if she likes small burrowing animals I can make her pain to go away

does she have a tramp stamp, or does she dream about getting one - perhaps a discrete tat depicting a suricate? Because if she likes small burrowing animals I can make her pain to go away