Adventures in Ethics and Science

On the East Coast, the sun is rising on day 21 of Blogger Challenge 2008. With only 10 days left in the drive, it seems like a good time to check how the ScienceBloggers with challenges are making out. Thus, I present the “Top Six” standings to date:

Amount raised:
Uncertain Principles ($4,887)
Green Gabbro ($1,689)
DrugMonkey ($1,340)
Good Math, Bad Math ($1,328)
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) ($1,257)
Terra Sigillata ($998)

Uncertain Principles (78)
Sciencewomen (21)
Green Gabbro (15)
DrugMonkey (14)
Adventures in Ethics and Science (13)
Laelaps (12)

Students impacted
Terra Sigillata (1,015)
Uncertain Principles (962)
The World’s Fair (835)
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) (573)
Sciencewomen (557)
Good Math, Bad Math (315)

Size of average donation:
Discovering Biology in a Digital World ($470)
Signout ($219)
Terra Sigillata ($166.33)
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) ($125.70)
Good Math, Bad Math ($120.73)
Green Gabbro ($112.60)

Number of donors per 10,000 visitors:
Green Gabbro (49.72)
Uncertain Principles (21.33)
Sciencewomen (19.76)
Signout (18.89)
See Jane Compute (12.45)
Thus Spake Zuska (9.89)

Amount donated per 1,000 visitors:
Green Gabbro ($559.83)
Signout ($413.60)
Uncertain Principles ($133.64)
Terra Sigillata ($98.31)
Discovering Biology in a Digital World ($91.42)
DrugMonkey ($79.36)

I’m going to leave it as an exercise for the reader to spot the trends and form hypotheses about the possible causal mechanism behind them. (The number of donors per 10,000 visitors standings strike me as especially interesting.) In the meantime, you still have time to help other bloggers move into one of more “Top Six” — just check out the proposals in their challenges, give what you can, and help some public school kids get the materials and experiences that will make learning come alive for them.

(And you can also score a prize or two.)


  1. #1 Prophecy
    October 22, 2008

    I was just wondering if anyone believes in destiny?

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