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Scifoo – Day 1

Yesterday I met up with a few sciblings including Bora, Josh and Chris and some science bloggers like Attila. Today I arrived at “the Googleplex”. Right now it’s 2:30AM on the west coast, and I’m exhausted. Here’s just a couple of highlights from this evening’s activities at scifoo … we learned about space tourism, energy flux on planet earth and how to convey energy issues to youngsters, custom biology and of course open access. In fact, I spent quite a while talking to several conference attendees (over wine) about how outfits like PLoS One and JoVE are performing. Tomorrow Bora will lead a discussion on Science Publishing in the web2.0 world.

In addition I finally met PZ and Prof Steve Steve, and I had a conversation with … Martha Stewart. Yes that’s right. Stewart has “been following Google from the very beginning”. It also seems like Google has been helping her out in a few areas. Her next venture is designing web2.0 applications for homemakers.

More to come tomorrow …


  1. #1 The Science Pundit
    August 4, 2007

    Maybe that’s why she has a thing for Charles Simonyi.