Scifoo - Day 1

Yesterday I met up with a few sciblings including Bora, Josh and Chris and some science bloggers like Attila. Today I arrived at "the Googleplex". Right now it's 2:30AM on the west coast, and I'm exhausted. Here's just a couple of highlights from this evening's activities at scifoo ... we learned about space tourism, energy flux on planet earth and how to convey energy issues to youngsters, custom biology and of course open access. In fact, I spent quite a while talking to several conference attendees (over wine) about how outfits like PLoS One and JoVE are performing. Tomorrow Bora will lead a discussion on Science Publishing in the web2.0 world.

In addition I finally met PZ and Prof Steve Steve, and I had a conversation with ... Martha Stewart. Yes that's right. Stewart has "been following Google from the very beginning". It also seems like Google has been helping her out in a few areas. Her next venture is designing web2.0 applications for homemakers.

More to come tomorrow ...

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