Introducing the Aardvarchaeology Store


Those free Nigerian scam t-shirts never materialised, but still, the affair prompted me to get some excellent merch art made and set up a web shop. A good thing about this is that now I can offer all three designs submitted by Jim Allen, Stacy Mason and Joe Hewitt!

Dear Reader, hie thee over to Ye New Shoppe and check out the wares! If there's any item you're missing and onto which one might conceivably stick the art, then please tell me and I'll try to add it to the lineup.

Now I want you guys to send me pics of yourselves wearing Aard t-shirts and/or swigging beverages from Aard mugs!


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I bought one of your t-shirts. Cool ! It was the promise of guaranteed salvation in case of any supernatural apocalypse, which sold it. I am hoping it will protect me during the impending global economic meltdown. Who knows, if politicians and economists can't save us, maybe a pig with a trowel can?


Just in time for my birthday...

By Steve Blowney (not verified) on 27 Sep 2011 #permalink

If it is based in Britain I assume there is no problem with overseas shipping. I am thinking of purchasing one item for Freeman "lets build a nuclear spaceship" Dyson, and one for Svante "we sequenced the Neanderthals" Pääbo!

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 27 Sep 2011 #permalink

I would like to see an Aardvarchaelogy designed metal detector in the shop!

By Thomas Ivarsson (not verified) on 30 Sep 2011 #permalink