Weekend Fun

I had some bad news about two Boomer dudes that I know and like(d): one died of lung cancer the other day, and the other was diagnosed with leukemia. But apart from that I had a pretty good weekend:

  • Played Eclipse again, got royally whipped.
  • Gave a talk and did some debating at a skeptics' event in Eskilstuna, met loads of friendly people, all while wearing a suit and tie because I was heading directly to the following do afterwards.
  • Celebrated my oldest friend's 40th birthday. Met lots of surprising greying 40-y-o versions of his friends that I haven't seen much since leaving the Tolkien Society back in '98.
  • Had lunch at a restaurant with old friends from the SKOM on-line forum to celebrate another friend's 41st.
  • Stood for a long time listening to the year's first blackbird evensong.

And you, Dear Reader?


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I came home on Saturday from one week of golf in La Manga, in Spain. After one week of vacation there are always boring stuff like laundry and cleaning. Malmö was foggy and cold this Saturday. Copenhagen was sunny at the airport.

By Thomas Ivarsson (not verified) on 26 Mar 2012 #permalink

Sorry about your friends!

By Thomas Ivarsson (not verified) on 26 Mar 2012 #permalink

Pinball orgy! There was a sort-of convention in town with about 100 or restored old machines. My wrists are sore today, but it was a blast playing those that wasted so much of my time during college.

By CherryBombSim (not verified) on 26 Mar 2012 #permalink

Spectacularly sunny here in Vancouver BC- spent the weekend running around parks and beaches with my puppy and catching up with friends. No gaming, sadly.

I burrowed inside this SF book, Firebird by Jack McDevitt http://www.amazon.co.uk/Firebird-Alex-Benedict-Jack-McDevitt/dp/0441020…
My mother has just returned to her nursing home from hospital, so I needed to unwind after weeks of worry.
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"in Spain" -I recall that they had some really hot weather recently. The seasons are out of joint.
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(OT) Evidence stacks up that monolith at Gardom's Edge is astronomically aligned http://www.physorg.com/news/2012-03-evidence-stacks-monolith-gardom-edg…
No-telescope astronomy: the bright star to the right of the moon is Venus. I could spot it shining through the cloud cover!

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 28 Mar 2012 #permalink

Too much to mention.

Not to dwell on sadness, but I read somewhere recently that 1/2 of men and 1/3 of women will suffer some form of cancer during their lifetimes. I assume that excludes 'silent' cancers that do not become evident before the person dies of something else.

But then with the rise of Type 2 diabetes, and with heart disease, I don't know why some people regard cancer as some dread thing. It is an illness, like many others which can be fatal.

By John Massey (not verified) on 28 Mar 2012 #permalink