Tech Note: Get Rid Of LibreOffice's Annoying File Recovery Failure Message

This bug in OpenOffice / LibreOffice has been with me for years and years. You open a file, you delete it while open, you close LibreOffice -- and then LibreOffice will henceforth tell you eeeevery time you start the program that it tried and failed to recover that file. But I found a bug fix. Thank you "user177723"!

1. Open LibreOffice and create a new file with the same name as the lost one in the same directory. (Which directory this may have been, you have to remember/guess.)

2. Save it.

3. Close LibreOffice completely. (Yes, this is an essential step.)

4. Open the newly created file. Close it.

5. Repeat for every individual file the stupid program moans about on start-up.

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This is the computer world equivalent to shoveling sand under the wheels to give you traction when you're stuck in ice/snow!
I love these kinds of fixes.

I never had the bug, but the offending file reference is certainly kept in a Preferences file in /library/preferences
a file named
either edit that file with the Property Editor, or, more simply, delete it, and you'll get rid of the annoyance.
You'll have to do that every time you happen to delete an "open" file, or remove an USB key at the wrong time, I suppose.

OK, I made some tests.
1. the bug is not severe for me, if I Cancel the recovery, LibreOffice never ask again.
The Plist file I gave you does not contain the recovery information.
The recovery information is in:
/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/user/registrymodifications.xcu
It's a long XML file, edit it with Dash or similar,
The offending lines are:


Delete these 3 lines, save the file, and LibreOffice should forget about the crash.

Sorry, the XML code didn't make it, delete the 3 line with
(item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Recovery/RecoveryList")
between angled brackets; the 3rd line contains the name of the file to recover.