LARPing Enters the Archaeological Record

Here's a neat case of self-perpetuating archaeology. Medieval history spawned sword & sorcery literature. This literature spawned tabletop fantasy role-playing games and Medieval re-enactment groups. These games and groups spawned live action role playing. And now the larpers have created a market for faux-Medieval coinage, which they are buying at game stores, using at larps and dropping here and there. Metal detectorists are starting to find coins like the one in the picture and submitting them to intrigued museum curators.

Can anybody tell me the name of the company that makes/made these toy coins?

spelmynt baksida

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I have a crack team of game store employees and owners in the case, who politely request a photo of the reverse if possible? Unless it's identical, which seems unlikely.

By Double Shelix (not verified) on 04 Sep 2014 #permalink

So far, everyone agrees it's not available in the US. My sole Swedish gaming friend in Lund has not weighed in on the subject yet.

By Double Shelix (not verified) on 08 Sep 2014 #permalink

In the medieval re-enactment group I belong to there are moneyers who create coin of the realm, so to speak. A few have deliberately gone out into the hinterlands to bury caches of replica coins from different cultures and time periods with the thought being of confusing future archaeologists, ie, Roman, Norse and English.

From a friend who is a LARPer

It's not an Empire or Maelstrom (two of the UK games) coin that much I do know. I believe Lorien Trust still use plastic coins. It would help if they said where this was found.
If they're simply trying to find out where they're made I know Profound Decisions sourced the coins for Empire from China.