Deepwater Horizon oil spill interrupted bluefin tuna spawning

According to a new paper showing temporal and spatial patterns of migratory routes and spawning grounds of bluefin tuna, they were in the Gulf of Mexico spawning at the moment the oil well exploded and all that oil started gushing out (and then dispersed with toxic chemicals).

Nobody is fishing there now, and no professional media or amateur reporting or photography are allowed, but I am assuming some of the radiotransmitters in some of the individuals may still be operational and that data from the area, during the spill, will become available in the future.

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"no professional media or amateur reporting or photography are allowed" ?
Where? By whom? On what authority?

BP, with collaboration of local law enforcement. This censorship is one of the biggest stories about the oil spill.

Environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico: The drilling rig leased by the oil company BP Deepwater Horizon was on 22 April sunk after an explosion, since large quantities of crude oil to flow from several leaks. The oil is now threatening the ecologically sensitive Mississippi Delta to damage sustained. I am disappointed that not a single one of the culprits in jail.

This will not interact with the continued overfishing of bluefin in a GOOD way. At all.

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I am disappointed that not a single one of the culprits in jail.

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