Grand Rounds, and last call for Tangled Bank!

This week's Grand Rounds is up over at A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure. Ones that caught my eye: Dr. Andy's discussion of mandatory vaccination; Flea on gambling with meningitis; Orac's tales of surgery (warning: not quite what you think); a depressing STD tale over at The blog that ate Manhattan; Interested Participant on MRSA, and the always-funny Science Creative Quarterly on Asparagus and stinky pee.

One final reminder for Tangled Bank as well--get those entries to me ASAP. TB goes live tomorrow.

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Forgot to mention this earlier, so maybe I'll hold off on posting it until tomorrow afternoon to give people a chance to send entries. The third edition of Animalcules is supposed to go live tomorrow, so send me your links ASAP.
Phylogeny Friday is back, bitches! Katherine's gotta add me to her list ASAP. In the glorious return of PhyFridays, I give you the root of the tree of life. In the upcoming editions we'll zoom in on a few parts of the tree to illustrate the diversity of certain taxa of interest. It'll be kind of…
Send in your submissions for the Kansas Guild of Bloggers ASAP.
First, where does Chad come up with these links? Oh, I am talking about Chad from Uncertain Principles. In his latest links of the day, I found this: Skip Class Calculator What a great idea. Basically, you enter some info about the class - like how often it meets, how many classes you have…