In the field II

Leftover from last week's zoonotic diseases course: I do sometimes get away from the hind end of animals."

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So, I'm back from Atlanta. While there, I attended two back-to-back conferences. First, ICEID: International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases; second, ISEZ: International Symposium on Emerging Zoonoses. I thought I'd do a multi-part series this week discussing some of the highlights…
Student guest post by D.F. Johnston As the year marches forward, ever closer to that summer sun we missed so much during dreary winter days, we also get closer to the traditional summer picnics and barbecues. Sometimes, in our hurry to enjoy quality time with friends and family, we get distracted…
Tuberculosis in humans is most commonly caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a slow-growing, waxy, rod-shaped bacterium. Transmitted primarily via the air when an infected individual coughs or sneezes, it's estimated that a third of the world is infected with this agent, which causes…
The control and eventual eradication of the smallpox virus from the wild is one of the most heralded success stories in all of public health. Indeed, smallpox has played a central role in the history of vaccination. Even prior to Edward Jenner's use of the related cowpox virus to protect…

I don't think that ball cap is regulation lab wear. On the other hand, I note you wear your watch on the right arm, just like I do. Weird.

This is a strong argument against covering women to make them less attractive to men...because some women can wear spun bond, hold swine and still look adorable. Or maybe it's the gleam in the eye that does it.

Tara - Nice Pic! It looks to me that you are well-equiped to examine "research" from the usual DI research location...

I'm curious as to the age of the piglet. When I first saw it, I assumed it was a newborn. But I don't have any basis for that, not being familiar with pigs.

I'm just curious ... since you've have yourself all suited up and masked for protection, you can't afford to miss the gloves can you? perhaps you were having a break or having just a normal outing mask for odours and suit to keep grime away

I just make a habit of having full gowns, glasses, mask, and taped double gloves, because I have to deal with deadly nasties everytime in the lab


The piglet was indeed a newborn. As far as the lack of gloves, we weren't really gowned up to protect ourselves so much as to avoid tracking things outside of the operation and back to the classroom/cars/lab. Washing hands when we leave is easy; showering out (which the workers there do; they shower both in and out), less so.

Dude, Aurora must be really sick!

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