Carnivals of the week

While I've been out, missed highlighting a few carnivals:

Grand Rounds 3.1

Tangled Bank #63

Skeptics' Circle #44

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Let's catch up with the carnivals: I and the Bird #73 Carnival of the Fraudless Carnival of the Liberals #63 Skeptics' Circle #85 We've got a new Tangled Bank at Dammit Jim! next Wednesday — send those links in to me or Libra: There's a choice to be made. You can live fast…
I've been remiss in linking carnivals lately, but here are a few fresh this week: Tangled Bank #79 at Epigenetics News Pediatric Grand Rounds can be found at The Wait and The Wonder And Grand Rounds is up over at The Blog that Ate Manhattan.
Write about science and get exposure - send your stuff to carnivals. Calls for submissions have been announced for Tangled Bank, Grand Rounds, Skeptic's Circle, Mendel's Garden, Bio::Blogs, Encephalon, Circus of the Spineless, I And The Bird, Philosophia Naturalis, Change Of Shift, Radiology Grand…
Just to update, some carnivals I missed while I was out... Grand Rounds Pediatric Grand Rounds Mendel's Garden (new genetics carnival) Tangled Bank