Grand Rounds 3.5

This week's Grand Rounds can be found over at Health Care Law Blog.

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Head over to Medviews to check out this week's Grand Rounds, a weekly round-up of medical blog posts. Some goodies: Genetics and Health's Top 10 reasons you should care about genetics, and Clinical Cases and Images on reasons not to be a doctor.
Welcome to Grand Rounds at Aetiology! Grab a cup of joe, take a seat, and enjoy the best of this week's medical blogging. Just make sure to wash your hands when you're never know what's lying around here, between the kids, the dog, and the lab... First, a programming note. Just a few…
Welcome to Aetiology and this week's edition of Grand Rounds. It's my pleasure to host this carnival for a second time, and I greatly appreciate all of you who sent along submissions for today's round-up. I want to start by briefly mentioning what looks to be an excellent new source, especially…
It's that time again. Check out the latest edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds over at Med Journal Watch, while the original version of Grand Rounds can be found this week at code blog: tales of a nurse (set up as a very cute advice column).