Monday morning blahs

Busy again today, and we're hosting a talk by Darrell Trampel, an expert on poultry diseases. (He'll be talking about avian influenza). Still have a few stories to get to in the queue but may be short on time for the rest of the week once again. In the meantime, bask in the cuteness of new puppy:


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A cute puppy:
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That's pretty cute, Tara. What kind of dog is it? Did you get it this past weekend?


By Guitar Eddier (not verified) on 30 Oct 2006 #permalink

*Total* killjoy. :)

Yep, we got her this weekend, and it's a mutt--boston terrier/shih tzu mix. (The lady kept calling it a BoShih, but it's just a mutt to me). Very friendly and laid-back and good with the kids (and my other dog), though, so that's all I need.

Toxocara canis is normally killed during cooking...

By Unsympathetic reader (not verified) on 30 Oct 2006 #permalink

Cute dog... On the other matter of the post though, we actually had Ab Osterhaus (from the Erasmus Medical Centre) give a talk on avian influenza here at the University of Guelph the same day! What a fascinating talk it was too, he showed how the virus being misrepresented in the media has lead to poor policy decisions in both the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Anyone know how Trampel's talk went?

Your dog has monkey eyes....

By Evil Monkey (not verified) on 03 May 2007 #permalink