Last call for this month's Animalcules!

The November edition of Animalcules will be up tomorrow--so get your links in ASAP to abaeumer at gmx dot de.

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It's that time again. The November edition of Animalcules will go live this coming Thursday, and is being hosted by Andreas. Send your links to him (abaeumer at gmx dot de) by Wednesday, and go ahead and include more than one if you like since we missed the October round. Second, I'll be…
Forgot to mention this earlier, so maybe I'll hold off on posting it until tomorrow afternoon to give people a chance to send entries. The third edition of Animalcules is supposed to go live tomorrow, so send me your links ASAP.
For all you micro-oriented folks, don't forget that the latest edition of Animalcules will be up Sunday the 17th at Viva la evolucion!. Send your enties to me (aetiology AT gmail DOT com) or Salva (vivalaevolucion AT hotmail DOT com) by tomorrow (Saturday).
(As of the time I'm typing this, the site that's supposed to host Grand Rounds says the domain is expired, and since I'm at an all-day meeting, I want to get a few reminders out there. Hopefully GR will beam up while I'm out...) Two reminders: first, Animalcules goes live over at Discovering…