Tangled Bank #72

Slipped my mind that this was today, but check out what others have been blogging about in the latest edition of Tangled Bank at Ouroboros.

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The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is at Ouroboros. And if that isn't enough science blogging for you, this has also been a good week for these other excellent carnivals: Oekologie #12 Encephalon #38 Gene Genie #22
Welcome to another edition of Tangled Bank, a round-up of the best science blogging of the past fortnight: Top story--mammals and the KT event Since the previous Tangled Bank, a few big stories hit the blogosphere. One that generated a lot of attention was a paper in Nature analyzing mammalian…
The latest edition of the science blog carnival Tangled Bank is up at Centrerion Canadian Politics. Go check it out for a good sampling of what people have been writing about around the science blogosphere, which does, you may be surprised to find out, extend beyond the confines of Seed's…
Check out the latest edition of Tangled Bank is up over at Science Notes--check out the latest in science blogging from the past 2 weeks. Additionally, I'll be hosting Animalcules here next week. Send me your entries by next Wednesday, May 17th.