Creation museum---more posts from the gang

I mentioned that a whole group of us went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Professor Steve Steve has his account now up at the Thumb, while Jason Rosenhouse has a two-parter at EvolutionBlog, and Wes Elsberry's account is here. Oh, and a group picture:

Rear, L to R: Evil Monkey, Richard Hoppe ("RBH"), Wes Elsberry, Andrea "I'm Italian, not female!" Bottaro, Jason Rosenhouse, and Art Hunt. Front row: RBH's wife (whose name I didn't catch, sorry!); journalist Lauri Lebo; me; Professor Steve Steve, and Art's daughter (and Steve Steve's kind tour guide), Amy Hunt.

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Professor Steve Steve, Wesley Elsberry, Tara Smith and Jason Rosenhouse [edit: Part 3 is now available] went to that funny new "museum" in Kentucky and report about it so you don't ever have to go yourself!
Due to some conflicts between MapQuest's directions and my map of Kentucky, I was nervous during the final leg of my drive to The Creation Museum. After all those hours of driving, the only thing that would have been worse than actually having to walk through that pathetic monument to human…
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Given that you are standing around in the aftermath of a catastrophic global flood, that wiped out the vast majority of mankind, you all look pretty happy!

Did you guys find the kangaroo tracks showing where they left the arc for their long swim to Australia?

Darwin Exhibit in August, will beat Flintstone land in June!

Tara -

Happy looking group. Did they know at the 'museum' who you all were?

And is that a bulbous bow on the Ark? I thought those were invented by the Japanese in WWII (Battleship Yamato). Looks like Noah had them beat, although why the Ark would need a bulbous bow since it wasn't powered and therefore didn't need to reduce drag for more speed is a separate question.

Amazing that Creationists take medicines created using chemistry which presumes physics which is the foundation for Carbon 14 dating.