Today's Tangled Bank has just gone up over at The Voltage Gate; this week's Grand Rounds is up at vitum medicinus, and Pediatric Grand Rounds can be found over at Parenting Solved.

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I've been remiss in linking carnivals lately, but here are a few fresh this week: Tangled Bank #79 at Epigenetics News Pediatric Grand Rounds can be found at The Wait and The Wonder And Grand Rounds is up over at The Blog that Ate Manhattan.
Welcome to Aetiology and this week's edition of Grand Rounds. It's my pleasure to host this carnival for a second time, and I greatly appreciate all of you who sent along submissions for today's round-up. I want to start by briefly mentioning what looks to be an excellent new source, especially…
Just to update, some carnivals I missed while I was out... Grand Rounds Pediatric Grand Rounds Mendel's Garden (new genetics carnival) Tangled Bank