This week's anniversary edition of Grand Rounds is up over at Kevin, M.D., while a new Tangled Bank is up today at Aardvarchaelogy.

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This week's Grand Rounds is up over at Kevin, M.D. I forgot to submit a post, but this week's edition is certainly not suffering from my absence. Check out this week's collection of the best posts in the medical blogosphere.
Leave cyberspace for a few days, come back to a hail of stories and posts... The second edition of the new genetics carnival, Mendel's Garden, is up over at Genetics and Health. Medical blogging a-plenty. A new P[a]ediatric grand rounds appeared, as well as the traditional Grand Rounds (a…
Today's Tangled Bank has just gone up over at The Voltage Gate; this week's Grand Rounds is up at vitum medicinus, and Pediatric Grand Rounds can be found over at Parenting Solved.
Need some more reading? Check out the latest edition of Tangled Bank over at Aardvarchaeology, and the latest Skeptics' Circle over at The Skeptical Alchemist. Meanwhile, as I mentioned previously, next week's Grand Rounds will be here at Aetiology. Send your submissions in to me by Sunday…