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I've been really terrible at spreading around some link love this year, largely because my time to read other blogs has been significantly diminished due to my other responsibilities. However yesterday I was able to do a tiny bit of catching up.

I've not blogged much on HIV denial recently (no time, alas, to keep the comments cleaned up). However, regular readers may recall how much the HIV folks hated to be compared to creationists. ERV points out a post by an evolution denier championing HIV denial as well. Birds of a feather...

In a related vein, James muses what should be done about "pseudoskeptics", period. His focus is on climate change but the same arguments and questions can be posed about those denying HIV, germ theory, evolution, etc.

To switch the focus from anti-science to interesting science, this week's Grand Rounds carnival is all about the intersection of medicine and evolution.

I've also run across some new-to-me blogs and podcasts to add to the sidebar: Persiflagers Infectious Disease Puscast and This Week in Virology. Science writer Rebecca Skloot has also just joined Scienceblogs, so check out her blog, Culture Dish. Any other good sites I'm missing out on?


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Am I right in thinking that the HIV>>>AIDS deniers are rushing forward to be infected with HIV in order to prove their point?

Of course, it wouldn't be a controlled trial, but John Hunter was willing to die for science.

By David Harley (not verified) on 22 Jan 2009 #permalink

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