The microbiology of zombies, part I

(Spoilers below!)

For Walking Dead fans and readers of this blog, you probably know why I was all excited about some of the plot elements that have been included thus far this season: possible zoonotic disease, and in particular, a potential influenza outbreak that may have originated in pigs. I muse about this and other infections in an article for, and will have additional thoughts about zombies and infectious disease more generally in the coming days.

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I linked that very article at the end of the Slate story. Generally I agree with that position,but it presupposes that they decay as normal people do. Some zombie stories (such as "Zombie autopsies") have come up with some creative ways to keep the zombies more "alive" for a longer period of time. Plus, as I mention, there's also the possible risk to animals from a zombie pathogen that could jump species.

First is physics, before biology, From whence the energy to animate? Can't defy thermodynamics.
Second, the zombies themselves are a problem for the Army Corps. of Engineers. The REAL threat in the zombie apocalypse is other humans. Iterated prisoners' dilemma: We cooperate to survive, share resources, until that is, someone cheats...

By Robert Arvanitis (not verified) on 02 Nov 2013 #permalink