ELF, the George Bush of the Environmental movement

The last of the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) arsonists was sentenced yesterday for the burning down of a Redmond OR horse slaughterhouse in 1997. Thank goodness. I'm concerned abou the environment and I guess I would classify myself as an environmentalist but I certainly don't want to be associated with these guys. They are like the distant cousin that everyone hopes doesn't show up at the family reunion, get drunk, and pick a fight with Aunt Ellie.

Actually, ELF is more like George Bush. That analogy should really burn those guys up.

-No rational thinking; It conflicts with my ideology, darn it!.

-Using violence to solve problems without first using alternatives.

-Okay with hurting the innocent.

-Flagrant disregard for the law.

-Widely discredited.

-Even their friends don't like them.

-Claiming you understand why people are mad while still not understanding ("A million times over I apologize ... to all of you hardworking business owners, employees, researchers, firemen, investigators, attorneys and all citizens whose property was destroyed, whose holidays were ruined, whose welfare was thwarted, and whose sleep was troubled." Troubled sleep? Try, "sorry I ruined some of your lives and almost killed some of you".

-Things are worse because of what you did (think of the CO2/CO carbon load of the fire + the energy to make materials to rebuild and the rebuilding + the resources need to rebuild)

-Europe doesn't really like either of them. ;)


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"-Using violence to solve problems without first using alternatives."
Should I assume that refers to Iraq? So, a decade of nuclear inspectors and credible intelligence indicating the possibility of really nefarious goings on qualifies as doing nothing? I heard a really good interview on NPR where they talked to the guy that wrote some hotly disputed report about Iraq (I cannot remember the details now). Anyway, the gist was that he was pretty pissed that everyone picked parts of the report and used them to say he found no support for war when in fact he defended it. He even got pretty mad at the interviewer for continually parroting the mainstream myths he was trying to dispel.
"-Claiming you understand why people..."
Let me guess...Katrina? Right, the office of the president, nay, the president himself is responsible not only for the weather, but for peoples' hubris in choosing to stay and creating a problem the likes of which the system - which answers to the executive branch but is not run by it - was not fit to handle.

Using violence to solve problems without first using alternatives

Hussein was offered the chance to relinquish his presidency and save his nation its agony. He refused.

By Justin Moretti (not verified) on 06 Aug 2007 #permalink

Wow, I dont beleive there are still people that support that dolt Dubya. Iraq was not a threat to America, period, not only that Bush #1 supported Saddam through his worst crimes in the war with Iran.

Why dont you people go and fight there if you think the war is so needed? they need recruits, seriously...........here is the link for the Army's website


As to the war, I think the 'reasons' for going in in the first place have been debunked very well by people much more knowledgeable than me and widely agreed with (What to do now that we are there is a totally different ball of wax).

As to Katrina, that's not what I was referring to. But since we're there, you can't control the weather but you sure as hell can control how you respond to it.

I would agree that our federal flood insurance programs, road and dike building are encouraging people to live in areas where no one should, but that's no excuse for acting as if that fact suffices to allow them to deal with their own suffering. The problem with Katrina was two fold anyway, 1) the response was a disaster; 2) Bush acted like everything was alright when it wasn't (this was the real big mistake - if he had admitted that things were an absolute mess and moved to fix that, he really wouldn't have looked that bad and the press would have focused more on the damage of the hurricane rather than the failure of FEMA. Heckuva job was possibly the worst thing that could have come out of his mouth).

I think the analogy on the other side of the isle would be the abortion clinic bombers identifying themselves with conservatives. Whether or not you agree with abortion, nobody wants to be associated with or condon the activities of those nutbags.

First of all, the fact that Bush 41 supported Hussein is irrelevant. Southerners (in the U.S.) used to own slaves. But when issues concerning southerners today are discussed, once upon a time slave ownership is irrelevant.

Secondly -- Hussein broke 17 United Nations sanctions in 12 years. He was a genocidal dictator who kept his nation in chains while making deals to give himself a comfortable life. He was an evil man and evil should NEVER be appeased. What's happening now in Iraq is a mess but geting rid of Hussein was the right choice.

As far as environmental activists go -- how is one supposed to convey their message when letter writing fails? Should just lay down and let the politicians and developers and jerkoff bastards win? Or light a fire and make a statement? The safety of human life is always considered. There's no terrorism involved. The uncaught rapist who's struck 5 times in 3 years on some bikepath somewhere is MORE of a terrorist than environmental activists who light fires. The rapist instills fear. The activist does not. It's probably not right to condone breaking the law but then again do you just allow the people who MURDER the Earth win? They destroy the Earth and harm human beings while an environmental activist burns down a building physically hurting nobody. The developer and the town or county council who allows developers to thrive -- they are the true terrorists.

Man is a rationalizing animal.


By Phil Boncer (not verified) on 17 Aug 2007 #permalink