Non-Science Fridays: More Maps Edition

Meathead of the Week: Sen Criag. He grabbed instant meathead status when he tried to use the excuse that he's got a "wide stance". Hehehe; it's the new "the dog ate my homework".

Where is South Carolina?

We need more maps! Why didn't we think of this before? Oh it's just too good, such as. Now, Miss America is a bit of a joke so why don't they just skip the pretense, stop asking questions, get the women out there in hot pants. Because, as this clip shows, it's clearly not about being well-rounded. (hat tip to reader TimG)

The best response I've seen to this Maps For Us. My favorite is currently the Generic Names for Soft Drinks map.

Another excellent response is the Tube Map for Miss South Carolina below (via morningtoast)

Russia is wonderful land of opportunity, eh comrades?

Russia took out a special advertising section yesterday in the Washington Post to brand their country. Among other things it trys to teach you that paranoia is good for you (and that old TU jets are more fashionable and reliable than a Boeing or Airbus). Who are they kidding here? Well, it's worth a laugh, anyway. I hope our US attempts at branding our country overseas don't come off this lame, but I'm afraid they do.

Weekly Aural Pleasure.

A good song for the end of summer. Don't Lose Yourself by Laura Veirs. If you like this at all you should check out the Saltbreakers album. It's fantastic (I should note that the video is fan-made, not band-endorsed, and not fantastic, but decent for a fan-vid).

Happy Friday!

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She would have had a much better response, such as, you know, if her stance was not so wide.

Hah! (RE: J-Dog)

You know, the other disturbing thing about this video is the skeazy narrow stance guy with the mic. Almost sotto voce: "Thank you very much. South Carolina".

I must admit that I feel sorry for her a bit but, my goodness this is bad! I fear it would have been worse if they asked her to point out 'The Iraq' on a map.

I actually feel badly for the girl. It was a horrible question. The best answer to the question is clearly "Because most Americans are arrogant, stupid, and/or lazy. They need to get off their butts, pay more attention to the world around them, and stop being so god damn high on themselves". But that kind of answer is not a Miss Teen/USA/America/World/Universe kind of answer. How is she supposed to answer that question yet remain civil and politically-correct?

Still, her blather clearly showed a need for educating people - and I don't mean in South Africa.

Just a comment on the TU-154. I fly on that plane 4 times a week, going between Moscow and Kiev.

And, hands down, I would much rather be on that plane than on a Boeing plane. Luckily, I don't get to fly with Boeing much these days, as Airbus seems to be the preferred airplane here in Euroland.

The TU-154 was designed to be able to land in adverse conditions, whereas the Boings seem to be designed to land softly only when the sun is shining and there are no troubling weather conditions.

In concequence, I always try to rebook my flight, if I see that it is a Boeing plane I am going to fly with.

Just my input

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