From the mouths of children

Me: "It's about a DVD"

Child #1: "What gender is it."

Me: "I wasn't aware that DVD's have a gender."

Child #1: "The gender. You know, is it comedy, or drama, or action?"

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What about a romantic comedy, then?

Or is that one transgender?

One presumes that comedy and action is male, and drama is female?

You do know my children, yes.

No surprise that a sliver back male would come up with a misogynist comment like that.

At least no surprise to me, since I am literally an SBM and I did have the intent to make the very same observation, before he beat me to it. We share more than just our given names.

It did take a while to deduce the intended word as being genre. An Art Linkletter moment.

By JohnnieCanuck (not verified) on 02 Apr 2007 #permalink