A Helpful Hint for Orly Taitz:

When attempting to score cheap political points on the backs of dead American soldiers in your legal filings, it is generally considered to be a good idea to take the time to get at least one or two of the basic factual details correct. Like maybe the number killed in the incident you are referring to. Or their ages. Or their gender. This type of thing just doesn't cut it:

If someone were to have common sense, brains and strength of character to challenge allegiance of Nidal Malik Hasan in court, after he made numerous anti-American and antimilitary statements, maybe 12 young boys wouldn't be 6 feet under today, maybe 12 mothers and 12 fathers wouldn't had their hearts ripped out of their chests and torn apart.

It might also be a good idea to try to remember that making "anti-American" and/or "antimilitary" statements isn't actually a crime in the US, and that there is actually no way that I know of for someone to challenge the "allegiance" or citizenship of an American-born US citizen in court. Unfortunately, that requires far more ability to comprehend the Constitution than Taitz has ever been able to demonstrate.


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I'm beginning to think Orly Taitz is a very elaborate Poe. Surely no one could be this stupid and incompetent and still qualify as a lawyer?

Observations from my family ...

My wife is a lawyer. As she has observed, yes, you can be astonishingly idiotic and pass the bar. This contributed, she said, to a recent win she had in court. Not her brilliance, which is considerable (granted I might be ever-so-slightly biased), but the stunning idiocy of the other side. The key being, as Taitz illustrates, whether you're committed to reality, or whether you let your wishes over-ride reality. If you choose the latter path, brains no longer matter.

My daughter served in the military. Her thoughts and hopes, and mine, are with the friends and families, and the injured and slain, at Fort Hood. Conversely, we're more than a little ... displeased ... with ghouls like Taitz who want to score personal gain off others' suffering.

I have gone from disliking Taitz to despising her immensely. She is a blood-sucking vampire. She needs to move back to Moldova with its soviet style legal system; this is what she wants.

Her using the victims at Ft. Hood is vile beyond belief.

You Obamaphiles continue to attack the messenger and ignore the question: Where's the birth certificate?

Re Joe

1. The birther whackjobs like Mr. Joe continue to trumpet their nonsense. The document which is available on numerous web sites is a document that the State of Hawaii issues if one requests a copy of their birth certificate. It is an official document issued by the state and is accepted by all other government agencies, including the US Passport office. If this document doesn't satisfy Mr. Joe, tough noogies.

2. Regardless of the merits of the birthers' claims (there are none), the notion of filing court suits to remove President Obama from office is an exercise in futility because the judicial branch of government has no jurisdiction in this matter. Article II of the US Constitution describes how a president can be removed from office. It is by a majority vote in the House of Representatives and a subsequent 2/3 vote of the Senate. Period, end of story. All of these suits will be dismissed because of lack of standing due to the courts not being able to provide a remedy for lack of jurisdiction.

True, it's not a crime to be anti-American or anti-military. But surely it should raise concerns about one's suitability for life in the American military?

By David Evans (not verified) on 14 Nov 2009 #permalink

@David Evans (#7):

True, it's not a crime to be anti-American or anti-military. But surely it should raise concerns about one's suitability for life in the American military?

That depends. Who gets to decide what's anti-American or anti-military?

Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. His cousin, Raila Odinga, the Prime Minister of Kenya, ORDERED the Ministry of Immigration, under which records of births and deaths are maintained, to seal the record. It should also be noted that the birth certificate proffered by Orly Taitz as evidence is not genuine. Obama's height and weight measurements are given in pounds and inches. Kenya, formerly under British rule, uses the metric system. There is, however, an authentic birth certificate for Barack Obama in Kenya but no minister will certify is out of fear of losing his job or something much more.

By Jeffrey Sneller (not verified) on 14 Nov 2009 #permalink

Ms. Taitz should take the time make a deep refection on her behaviour, and ask herself the serious question as to why.

Re Jeffrey Sneller

Would Mr. Sneller care to provide the readers with a source for this information.

Joe/Jeffrey Sneller:

Guys like you make me laugh, thanks.

Here is the point, your side has not won a case, I know, I know, you have real facts but when shown to a real judge he throws you out on your fat white ass.

Win a case and then many of us will start to believe, till then, you guys are seen as Jokesters, Crazies or just plain Racists (maybe all of these).

Win a case or shut-up. Deal with that. But really thanks for the laughs.

Part of the problem with whacks like Taitz, and Berg, and Keyes, et al, and their yokel adherents, is that they seem to think they are living in France at the beginning of the 19th century. They act like the President is subject to Napoleonic law, under which the accused must prove his innocence. As opposed to the actual requirement, which is that the accuser must show proof of the accused's guilt.

So to paraphrase, Obama doesn't have to prove he wasn't born in Kenya, you have to prove he was. So do it. Or shut up.