Mystery Image #4


This is a picture of. . .

A) the hair cells of the bat inner ear
B) a metals-polymer nanowire array
C) a previously unknown species of sea anemone
D) the cilia of the common goldfish parasite Trichodina

Answer below the fold!

If you answered polymer nanowires, you were right! This SEM by Rawiwan Laocharoensuk was the ACS NanoVision winning image for June 2008.

See more nanoimages (and enter the Nanotube Video Contest) at the ACS Nanotation website.

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I think it's a metals-polymer nanowire array.

Woo-hoo! This is the second I've guessed right . . . although I don't feel as triumphant as I might if I actually knew what a metals polymer nanowire array is.

You stumped me on this one. I just knew I was glad I hadn't stumbled into it because to me it surely looked like something meant to ensnare and digest unwary prey.