Oktapodi: adorable star-crossed octopus lovers


My favorite Academy Award nomination: Oktopodi. By Emud Mokhberi and Thierry Marchand. Read an interview with Mokhberi - chock full of storyboard images, video, and other goodies - here.

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When the chips are all counted, when everything's done,
When push, they say, comes to shove,
I'd wager against the return of the sun
Ere a cephalopod who's in love.
When the wagering comes to affairs of the heart
(where a cuttlefish, reader, has three)
Then a cephalopod has a boost from the start
(well, at least, it appears so to me.)
Now an octopus (mutant, with only six arms)
Fights for love--for a life lived in peace;
And a cephalopod can find magical charms
When it finds it's in love and in Greece.