Wind it up

Smartcars are cute. But when you add a turning windup key, they're so cute it's almost wrong. I saw this specimen in a flotilla of Smartcars in Alexandria president's day parade last week - the custom license plate says "wnd itup". Nice.


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I love it, though I doubt it will show up in smart car marketing anytime soon.

The Smart is the first car for handicapped person made by Mercedes.

Considering that the original Smart car concept was developed and worked out by the developers of the Swatch watch (Mercedes took over the manufacturing part), maybe the key is not so far fetched.

You have to be careful of overwinding, though, or the rubber band breaks.

These cute smartcars are available for immediate purchase at reasonable prices here in Santa Rosa California:
They also sell personal hovercraft! The future is NOW.

By Hummingbirdscout (not verified) on 22 Feb 2009 #permalink

Windup keys were not uncommon on VWs back in the day.

By Blind Squirrel FCD (not verified) on 22 Feb 2009 #permalink

I particularly love the fact that you can just about park a Smart car perpendicularly between two other cars, so it's facing into the road. It's just *that* small.

[grabby hands]
It's kinda of ironic given the history of cars and how it seemed to be a pain in the a***, and certainly a lot of elbow grease, to crank those first ones up!