Apparently the synthetic meat industry is more advanced than we knew


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(I dedicate this to Hungry Hyaena, who holds extremely nuanced views on the ethics of hunting, and would no doubt have an easier time if he embraced complete denial, like this poor person).

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Did that come from a newspaper in Idaho?

Although I don't doubt that there are a few people over the age of ten who have such a tenuous connection to reality as to actually be ignorant of where meat comes from, I'd bet a substantial sum that the writer of this letter had tongue firmly planted in cheek.

I'd bet a substantial sum that the writer of this letter had tongue firmly planted in cheek.

IOW, a non-Intertubes Poe...

Forgive me father, for I have underestimated the theoretical limit of the shielding effect of urban life by a few orders of magnitude. Next thing someone's gonna tell me Idiocracy was a documentary.

I'm not sure that this is a poe. I've been told by people who were quite serious that hunting is wrong because the ways animals are kept and killed in the meat industry inherently leads to less suffering than what they experience when killed by a hunter. Of course, none of these people had ever seen a slaughterhouse or viewed a hunt in their lives. I've also met many people that claim that bow hunting is more ethical than hunting with a gun, not because it is more challenging (debatable), but because it causes less pain and suffering for the animal to be shot by a bow than with a bullet (on average, dead wrong). Show me a bow hunter that has frequent kills that doesn't involve the animal dying by a.) slowly bleeding to death or b.) asphyxiation caused by a punctured throat and I will show you a liar. This comment really isn't too far of a stretch from the former idea.

By Thomas M. (not verified) on 28 Mar 2009 #permalink

Speaking as someone who worked in a slaughterhouse for 12 years, I can say that the the slaughtering of animals is done in the most humane way possible with one exception. And at the risk of starting a religous or political arguement, Kosher slaughter to me is the exception to the norm. To me it is an unneccessary practice that should be stopped.