Oh, the Places You'll Go

There are two interdisciplinary science meetings coming up that you should consider attending, in NYC and DC. Strangely enough, the ubiquitous Chris Mooney is speaking at both of them. Hmmm.

From April 30-May 1 in DC will be the AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy, which is a somewhat wonky look at federal science policy and government affairs. The agenda highlight? A plenary session on the future of science journalism, to which I'm looking forward with both enthusiasm and curiosity, given the wide range of opinions on the blogosphere. I'm sure there will also be lots of discussion of Obama's science priorities, climate change policy, the OTA, ARRA, and so on.

Registration is rather steep for non-members, but there are various discounts for students, postdocs, etc. Discounted advance registration ends April 9, so if you think you might be interested, check it out now.

Advance registration also ends soon (April 10) for The Two Cultures in the 21st Century sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences, in NYC on May 9. The meeting will revisit the vision of CP Snow, and ask to what extent the gap he perceived between the "two cultures" persists.

The agenda features many familiar names, including Chris and Sheril, who will be acting as moderators! It's a fantastic lineup, but unfortunately it's not in my budget to run up to NYC for the weekend, so I expect to hear from all of you how it was.


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