Mystery Image #5

i-69824b7bd0f69e35e1bc1d72ed3135de-Picture 5.png

This is. . .

A. The surface of one of Jupiter's moons
B. Thermophilic archaebacteria in a hot spring
C. The pigmented iris of a Madagascar gecko
D. An electroformed enamel and copper pendant
E. Multicolored lichen at Enchanted Rock, Texas

Answer after the fold!

D* is correct: it is actually an enamel and copper electroformed pendant called "EyeSpy" by artist Kristina Glick Shank.

i-ff9b499f0273d84c75ad4674d0077e34-Picture 6.png

Shank's series of electroformed pendants impress me with their blend of controlled detail and organic (well, technically, mineral) textures. The electroforming gives an uncontrolled, natural feeling to the pieces, as if they were found objects.

i-f9b4bdb590cc42cdf2cb0e1f1119bac3-Picture 7.png

From Glick Shank's artist statement:

Beautiful things have always affected my life and I believe beauty is a powerful force in the world. Not all beauty is dramatic and I am often drawn towards the quiet and the subtle, things most people would not notice: pieces of a magnolia seed, a snail shell, or the texture of a beach stone. Each new object that catches my eye has the potential to shift the balance of my work. I love the dance that results because of this and I love knowing what I create may someday slip into someone else's life and tip the balance of their world a little further in the direction of beauty.

i-3198495936e564e75cb14509691d755e-Picture 8.png

Via Daily Art Muse

*Thanks to the two commenters for catching the typo . . . we are having some problems with Moveable Type and my posts don't always actually update when I edit them. Sorry for any confusion. The answer is D.

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