"When science fiction and lust meet in her bed. . . "

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Check out this clever riff on vintage science books by Nate Wragg, one of a group of Pixar illustrators who teamed up to create the forthcoming Ancient Book of Sex and Science. Wragg says,

A favorite series of mine is "The How and Why Wonder Books." These were informational books that would focus on a certain subject or form of science per book. As I looked over the entire series, I thought to myself, "There is no sex and science issue." This gave me the perfect excuse to create my own volume for the series. The end result is the long lost "Sex and Science" edition that was never published.

There doesn't seem to be much about the actual science of sex (endocrinology, physiology, population biology, etc.) in this book. Instead, the sample pages seem to be visual riffs on the superficial sexiness of science - sort of like that Bond movie with the underdressed nuclear physicist played by Denise Richards, who never did anything plausibly "scientific." But since science has both its sexy, sleek fembot side, and its decidedly unsexy, unkempt Frankenstein side, these visual riffs can be surprising and funny - like this one:

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I'm looking forward to the book! But I'm not holding my breath - it got BoingBoinged, and you know what that means - according to editor Scott Morse, there have been serious pre-order book shortages. So it may be a while before most of us actually see this baby in print.

via iO9, where you can find more sample pages.

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this looks like a really cool book. Will you review it when you (finally) get it?

Sure, when I get a copy. I actually have a lot of book reviews to blog - August will be book review month! :)

Wow...I really like the art style in this...reminds me a little of the BA in-flight movie characters they used to have :)

Great covers. I love the sub-title to the second book, it's a classic. For some reasons I'm reminded of the Pink Panther cartoons. (Strange associative memory, I have...)

Great to see you back on the blogosphere; hope the vacation was good!

By BioinfoTools (not verified) on 07 Aug 2009 #permalink