What babies really eat


This toddler t-shirt from Twisted Twee comes in sizes up to 4 years, and is inspired by "just a few of the items my young daughter Betty consumed in her first year." The buttons I understand, but the toy soldier? And what is the toy soldier doing to that cow?

Remember, parents: B is for baby, barium swallow and bougienage!

Check out their "ride-a-dad" set, too. Cute!

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If you're going to get the Ride-a-Dad shirt, you might as well go all the way and get the Daddle

Ooohhh!!!11!! I totally want to get the boys the ride a dad shirt. When last I had them, eldest (who has become way too big for it) insisted on teaching his 1.5 year old brother the ins and outs of riding papa's back. Unfortunately, this included grabbing papa's hair to help his stay on...

I could totes go for that daddle Martin - though your link was dead...