Folksy Fruits in Opal Orchard: a classic children's hallucination book


A Journey Round My Skull uncovered this DISTURBING children's book about anthropogenic talking fruit who appear to be suffering from a contagious respiratory disease.

I'm not sure why I find it so disturbing, but I do. It makes me feel like I'm on some sort of mind-altering substance. (I know many children's books can have that effect - and the Spongebob movie, too - but for some reason this fruit book is just creepier than usual).


Is anyone else reminded of Henry Darger's work?



Check out more illustrations at A Journey Round My Skull. You can use them to frighten vegetarian children.

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I'm reminded of Edward Lear's original illustrations for his limerick books. They also have a subtly-deranged and creepy quality which is difficult to pin down. So different from Lear's bird paintings.

My first thought on seeing the cover and the next picture was that they had died of their respiratory infection, and were all being taken up to heaven (rather rapidly), but the angel.