Mystery Image #6


This is. . . .

A. The gills of a tropical fish.
B. A satellite photo of the Bahamas.
C. A blue-green fungus sometimes called Green Stain.
D. A UV photograph of the center of a miniature carnation.
E. Algae along the edge of a geyser.
F. A Cirque de Soleil costume.

It's actually B, a satellite image of the Bahamas - and kudos to you if you got it, since it's not what you'd usually expect from a satellite! See a slideshow of 24 more stunning aerial photos at NY Daily News.

photo by USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office

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Funny, that, I was going to go with C before I read the comments...I'm sticking to it...just find the sequence funny.

By Mike Olson (not verified) on 07 Feb 2010 #permalink

Wow-- the Bahamas option wasn't even in my top 3. Amazing!

Being that I'm from the Bahamas, this was fairly easy. : )