Entomologia and other good stuff in NYC


Upcoming at Observatory in NYC: Entomologia (Feb 26-April 4), a group show of art incorporating and inspired by insects. I'm particularly intrigued by the discussion scheduled for April 3, "Transgenics, Cybernetics, and Evolution:"

Silkworms engineered to produce pharmaceuticals and hormones, cyborg dragonflies designed for high-speed missions and surveillance... In connection with her recent work, Shanna Maurizi has been delving into the nether regions of genetic engineering and transgenics, molecular biology, and military cybernetics.

Ok, sounds good to me! Plus it's curated by Curious Expeditions's M!

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This sounds really interesting - I've been learning more and more about bioephemera since my husband started at The Scientist magazine. They covered some interesting art for a culture friday awhile back. Please do post more if you attend the event.