We interrupt this blogcation for an urgent Victorian squid submarine

I have my priorities!

Do I even need to comment on how awesome this is? Via iO9.

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I'm stunned. People actually elected this lunatic, Rand Paul? So, somehow, Rand Paul, who is 100% anti-abortion, deeply resents the fact that the government wants to enforce energy efficiency and insist that we should conserve resources, because it infringes on his right to buy old hot wasteful…
As children sleep, dreaming their materialistic dreams of the privileged classes, Santa - less impressive than his Falstaffian reputation would suggest - twists the narrator's grasp of reality beyond all recognition. A hilarious tale of Christmas horror by Ryan Iverson, inspired by Warner Herzog.…
Via somebody awesome. You can get a print of it at dresden codak.
This 1967 IBM propaganda film, "Paperwork Explosion," couples an eerily deadpan refrain of "more time on paperwork," with a creepy pseudo-country neighbor* urging us to embrace Progress. The film's frenetic soundtrack and abrupt transitions embody the familiar hysterical nervousness of an…

ammmmmmmmm i didnt get the point of this but i like it, but aperantly something or someone is in the wrong time. it's a cute trailer of science fiction. Mrs. Rigney can i still get my point???

By figueroa-ali (not verified) on 14 Mar 2010 #permalink