Robocheetah: Andrew Chase's mechanical menagerie

I don't think I've posted yet about Andrew Chase's graceful articulated metal sculptures. His cheetah is particularly stunning.


Click the image to watch it run!

Chase's mechanical sculptures have way more personality than metal should. The soulful eyes of his elephants and giraffes could reflect some futuristic world in which extinct flesh-and-blood animals have been (inadequately) replaced with patchwork gestures at nature. Or perhaps they look lonely because they're intimidated by the flesh-and-blood inspirations of which they are ingenious, but dead, replicas.

robot-Timmy recharging giraffes.jpg

Robot Timmy Recharging Giraffe

Frankly, I don't know what fascinating storyline Andrew Chase has in mind - all I know is I want someone to make a movie from it immediately. Like Wall-E crossed with the Lion King, but please have Tim Burton direct it so it's all dark and steampunky. Thank you.

See all of Andrew Chase's wonderful work here. His work is shown at NDI gallery.

Via lots of places, most notably Daily Art Muse.

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I just saw his site a little earlier, but I hadn't noticed the moving cheetah images. I agree that the cheetah's head looks too dog-like.

Very cool. I'd like to own one.

By Mike Olson (not verified) on 29 Mar 2010 #permalink