Early color circles: Newton for artists


C.B., circa 1708: "These color circles, from a 1708 edition, are the earliest published examples of Newton-style color circles in an artist's manual."


Moses Harris, 1766: "Mimicking the spread of light from a source, Harris places the pure colors at the center of his circle and the lightest at the outer edge."


Schiffermuller, 1772: "Like many others with the same goals, he assumed that there is a knowable natural order to color, one that would confirm the relationship among all forms of knowledge."

More quotes and images from Sarah Lowengard's e-book The Creation of Color in 18th Century Europe, a fascinating read (based on her doctoral dissertation!). I want to encourage any of you interested in sciart and illustration to check it out.

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Heh, when you mentioned "Newton color wheels" I made an instant connection with "Winsor and Newton" art products, and wondered if there was any relation between the Newtons. (Dosen't look like it)

By Left_Wing_Fox (not verified) on 02 Apr 2010 #permalink

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