Mystery Image #7


This is. . . .

A. A ghost.
B. The computer reconstruction of the structure of mammoth globulin.
C. The moon reflected on a river in England.
D. A new iPad app that lets you blow virtual smoke rings.
E. A newly discovered deep-sea jellyfish.

It's actually C, a ghostly photo of the moon taken by Tim Knowles. See more of his work at his website.

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A. ~ Nope, ghosts don't exist
-> B. ~ Probably, considering the subject of the blog
C. ~ There are frequencies of distortion missing for it to be related to water
D. ~ Probably not, I'm sure I would have heard of it somewhere else too. Also, a little too fine in resolution and interesting shapes
E. ~ Nope, no color differentiation & nothing else in the water

Whoa -- the moon option seemed the least likely. My best guess was that it was a time-lapse photo of a firefly (...or something like that). But now that you mention it, the spherical core of the moon does pop out a bit.

I got it right! Go team me ;) I figured that it was brightest in the middle and the right shades of gray. I am the type of person who sometimes stares, mesmerised by the ripples on water.

I think this is the second one of these that I've gotten right . . . .