Bronze pigeons who "tweet" Tweets


An urban art installation proposal by Nick Rodrigues would install sculpted pigeons in Cambridge, MA, each equipped with a "pico projector" that would project a live Tweet stream. According to the Artsake blog,

"Gossiping Birds" is a proposal by Nick Rodrigues (MCC Sculpture/Installation Fellow '07), one of ten artists chosen as finalists for a Public Art Commission in Cambridge, an initiative of the Cambridge Arts Council.

The project called for site-specific public art proposals for the Cambridge Street Corridor, a one-mile stretch from Inman Square to Lechmere that spans three distinct neighborhoods. The ten selected project proposals will be on display through June 11, 2010 in the exhibition "The Cambridge Street Project" in the CAC Gallery in Cambridge. (source)


Nick Rodrigues has also responsible for a recent mashup of online personal ads with beer cups (you see an ad you like, you contact the person), something called the Port-a-Party, and the diePod ("Spend your life with your pod and your afterlife inside it."). See more interactivity at his website.

You can read about all the Cambridge Street Corridor finalists' proposals here.

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