Wine on the weekend


This is the clever label for Chateau Skulls, a grenache blend from south Australia. Wikipedia sez,

The label is an original artwork by István Orosz (b. 24 October 1951; Kecskemét) Hungarian painter, printmaker, graphic designer and animated film director, is known for his mathematically inspired works, impossible objects, optical illusions, double-meaning images and anamorphoses. The geometric art of István Orosz, with forced perspectives and optical illusions, has been compared to works by M. C. Escher."

I blogged about Istvan Orosz earlier, in this post on anamorphosis.

More like this

As a South Australian I have never heard of this one, but will be sure to think of you if I see it. (BTW, you forgot to capitalise the S in South.)

Argh; I didn't even see the hidden image until I viewed it as a thumbnail.

It would be quite appropriate to raise a glass of this wine on this weekend especially, in honor of the passing of Martin Gardner.