If capillaries were jewelery. . .

While we're on the bioanimation topic, I recently heard from Jess at Nervous System, who sent me links to some animations of their new jewelry line, hyphae, "growing" in virtual space. Check it out:

Hyphae - growth of the Vessel Pendant from Nervous System on Vimeo.

They explain,

Hyphae is a collection of 3D printed artifacts constructed of rhizome-like networks. Inspired by the vein structures that carry fluids through organisms from the leaves of plants to our own circulatory systems, we created a simulation which uses physical growth principles to build sculptural, organic structures. Starting from an initial seed and a surface, we grow a hierarchical network where nodes constantly branch and merge. The densely interconnected structure is at once airy and strong.

To read more about the technical aspects of what's going on here, visit their blog.

I really want that pendant in silver (check out these bone- or coral-like rings) or steel. . . though I'm sure it would cost more than I could possibly justify. Sigh.

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