A BioE million-stone!

Yesterday, bioephemera got its one millionth visit.*

Thanks so much to everyone who reads, shares, and enjoys my posts - you're why I keep blogging, in whatever spare time I can find. There's just too much interesting stuff out there to keep it to myself when I find it, and I've met far too many fascinating and brilliant people who defy categorization by doing this. . . you know who you are.

Rabelais was gloriously learned because learning amused him, and so far as I am concerned, that is learning's best justification. Not the only one, but the best.

--Robertson Davies, The Rebel Angels

Thank you, everyone, for justifying bioephemera.

*technically, BioE has had well over one million visits, because A) that figure doesn't count any visits to two years of pre-Scienceblogs BioE (currently down for remodeling because the traffic to my blog archive was getting uberexpensive and crashing the site) and B) I didn't install analytics immediately upon joining Sb. But whatever - it's the one million milestone by the most conservative estimate, so I say let's drink to that. :)

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