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Scapular Art Dress
Rachel Wright

I'm about to go back offline again because I don't feel up to blogging, but I had to share this find from my friend Shana - she does know what belongs on BioE! These are one-of-a-kind art dresses by artist Rachel Wright (Toolgrrl Designs on etsy). Wright says,

This piece is called "Scapular" because of the wing-like velvet shoulder blades that grace the back. The slip is a rayon slip probably from the 50's that I dyed a scarlet red. I then used a variety of different fabrics for the appliqué: velvet, silk for the many petaled breast & kidney, a recycled sari for the flower-heart, recycled leather for the tentacles on the bottom, and moiré silk for the vertebrae.


Vampire fans: you should also check out her Elizabeth of Bathory gown, sewn of ladies' white gloves.

Via Craftzine.

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