A confluence of influences


minouette of magpie & whiskeyjack has posted an interesting meditation on the resemblances between Katie Scott's whimsical faux-botanical/biological atlas pages (above), the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel (whose portrait minouette just finished), and the Codex Seraphinianous. It's a harmonious grouping of artistic influences - check it out.

More like this

All I can say is, is that this is brilliant... And there's much more here from Christopher Niemann from the NYT Abstract City Blog. (via Magpie&Whiskeyjack)
Hans Baldung Grien, Death and the Maiden, 1518-20 Via Morbid Anatomy, I discovered that artist Saul Chernock has written an interesting mini-essay on historical portrayals of "the Undead, images of beings that hover between the realms of life and death." Daniel Hopfer, Death and the Devil…
There is a museum at the Pier with many, many old toys and games found at arcades. All are perfectly functional. Some are more than 100 years old. Here is a sample:
All of my Bird Book Reviews are Here, and some of the reviews include broader discussions that go beyond the book, so do browse through them. Feeding Birds: Should you even be feeding the birds to begin with? Birders get annoyed at squirrels for obvious reasons. But you can be happier about the…