International Digital Curation Conference

By way of amplifying the signal: the 5th International Digital Curation Conference is coming up in London in December. I will be there in spirit only, I fear, but I hope there will be a Twitter hashtag I can follow?

Chris Rusbridge has blogged the program.

(If I seem more scatterbrained than usual, it's because most of my spare time and brainspace is currently devoted to building a course I will be teaching online in the spring for Illinois's GSLIS. It's a "Topics in Collection Development" course, which means I have to view things through a lens I'm almost completely unfamiliar with—I don't do normal collection development, and most of what I know about it is that it scares me to death! I am designing my version to be "how coll-dev is currently changing and may continue to change." Data curation will be included, as will scholarly communication and the serials crisis, institutional repositories, digital collections, digital preservation, and similar things that I actually do know something about. Wish me luck. I will need it.)

I've gotten some good comments to yesterday's poll. Please keep them coming. I know there's more out there!

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