Tracking my eyes

I got a very nice email the other day thanking me for being a clearinghouse for e-research information. I'm not quite sure I am that, but just in case I've become it without noticing…

What I read in the area and think is worthwhile enough to keep around ends up in a few places, all of which have RSS feeds:

Happy to share these, and also happy to start up a Zotero group if anyone else is interested in contributing items thereto!

(By the way, one rather annoying thing about the Zotero feed—I almost always save copies of the item along with the item record, and Zotero dumps both into the RSS feed, which from the consuming end looks like a lot of unnecessary duplication. I apologize for this, and wish Zotero would fix it.)

More like this

Please try appending /top to the end of your feed URL in order to include only top-level (parent) items. We may also add more configuration options to feeds, too. Any requests?

Oh! That works! Thank you! (I do think it should be the default behavior, though.)

I don't have any other ideas off the top of my head, but I will definitely let you know if I come up with anything.

We were actually just discussing the possibility of making /top the default behavior. Glad to hear everything's working now.