Sacred s'mores and camouflage: Jesus camp

Holy moly.

A pant-hoot and a vigorous grooming session go to Frink Tank for unearthing this pile of Christmongering termites.

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Who would tape their kids mouth shut with tape that says LIFE? Why on earth would god need an army? And what had they said that caused that lttle girl to cry? Yuk.

Last Year Kent "Dr. Dino" Hovind put on a Creation Boot Camp. You can find out what went on by buying the DVDs.

The horror. The horror.

By somnilista, FCD (not verified) on 04 Sep 2006 #permalink

Can you spell "American Madrasa"?

This is yet another example of my concept of "The Unlightenment". Vile. Simply vile.

What's really a shame is that a film trailer invariably includes what the film's producers see as its most appealing and alluring scenes and themes. I can just picture scads of Americans have have similarly undergone non-surgical lobotomies sitting in theaters and weeping right along with these poor fucking kids, overwhelmed by the power and grace of delusion, er, Jesus Christ.

I wish I could view such "camps" as mere cultural variants and tell myself there are many paths to spiritual fulfillment, etc. But that wild-eyed bovine in the trailer made it abundantly clear that the main goal of such "camps" is to prepare Christians to take over every aspect of the U.S.

What's striking to me is that, unlike public schools, they actually affirm their kids, tell them they can make a difference, and really mean it. For any one individual that may not be "reality based," but it makes the difference when it comes to who controls the country.

Psychos: 1
Secular society: 0

Little Eichmanns.

By Bill from Dover (not verified) on 04 Sep 2006 #permalink

Frightening, very frightening.

Yes folks, this kind of scary, brainwashing, emotionally based indoctrination is what we are competing against.

Stoned soldier 1: Do you care if it falls?
Stoned soldier 2: What?

Stoned soldier 1: The Roman Empire.
Stoned soldier 2: ...Fuck it!
Stoned soldier 1: he-he-he...

Is that a mullet or a rattail? It's quite fetching.

mr. orange, NonProphet is a tasty treat.

Re: the Christian coiffure - I'd say it's a rat tail.

The film will be released on or around about September 15.

Hard to see looking at the trailer whether it was for real or a spoof. But then extreme christianity is so whacko it is pretty hard to spoof.

By oldhippie (not verified) on 07 Sep 2006 #permalink