There is a darkly humorous thread at letsrun.com, a very popular site for runners, which may be of interest.

The upshot is that a surprising number of people are saying that they do not wash their hands after using restrooms and arguing that they are better off because of it. I don't think there is anything unique about the running population with regards to this topic except for the fact that runners seem willing to openly discuss anything that has to do with their bodies. All I can say is that it makes me happy that I seldom dine out.

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The "I don't wash because it's good for me" argument ignores the effect on others, of course, and is just a shady excuse for hygienic laziness. Slobs are slobs, plain and simple.

As for dining out:

1. Always, ALWAYS bring a bottle of hand sanitizer. In particular use it with buffets, where brain-dead cretins are often seen licking their fingers and then picking up tongs, ladles, etc.

2. When someone you know wants to shake hands in a restaurant or other food-oriented setting, consider explaining that you don't do such things where food is involved.

Consider this:

A male gets up in the morning, showers, puts on clean clothes, and goes to work. Over the next few hours, he handles metal doorknobs, money (maybe the filthiest common substance known) and occasionally snakes a finger into his nostril when he thinks no one's looking; inthe same interval his junk remains confined to his underwear.

Midmorning he takes a piss in the men's rom. He gets no urine on himself but does handle his pecker ever so fleetingly.

Now I ask you: Which is more in need of a washing now, his hands or his porr, innocent pecker?